Tony Roberts

Tony has a passion for barbecue and everything that goes along with it; the joy of good food, family, friends and fun memories.  This passion led to his founding the award-winning Proud Souls competitive barbecue team in 2014.  This hobby quickly turned into a business, becoming a sought-after catering operation and now a brick-and-mortar barbecue supply store.

His interest in barbecue was sparked by his father. As a kid in suburban St. Louis, MO, he spent many nights around a Weber Kettle, grilling everything from burgers to brats to chicken and pork steaks, a specialty of the region. As he got older, he and his dad began smoking spare ribs and the Thanksgiving turkey every year.

The outdoor fun, stories and conversations shared around the cooker still inspire him today, and he wants to give others the tools to be able to do the same in their own homes.

Tony lives in Lakewood, CO with his wife and two daughters. When he’s not smoking brisket, he’s skiing in the mountains or drinking a craft beer in Denver.


Dan Casey

Dan is the Proud Souls “jack of all trades”. He has a passion for adventure and giving back to the community. He’s taught thousands of volunteers how to build playgrounds, been a volunteer firefighter, and traveled all over the world.

Dan grew up on the South Side of Chicago eating his mom’s boiled ribs in hot water, then slathered with red sauce. His interest in barbecue has come a long way since Dan and friends started a rib-cooking competition in 2011, and his inaugural entry-- tongs and all, literally caught fire (luckily, he’s a trained professional).

He loves the thrill of competition, the reward he gets from teaching others and the feeling of adventure that comes from forging his own path. As the guy in the front of the house, these are the things he’ll bring to Proud Souls, whether he’s serving to judges at a heated competition or teaching you the tricks and techniques he’s learned since starting that fire on his grill.

Dan currently lives with his family in Northwest Denver and when he’s not at the shop, you can usually find him working on remodeling projects at his house.