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Barbecue just got better in DENVER.

You might think barbecue is about grilling outside. And, yeah, it is.

But it’s also about something more, at least to the guys behind Proud Souls Barbecue & Provisions.

When you’re sitting outside on a Saturday afternoon and you smell that smell. The signal that dinner is cooking, friends and family are gathering, and fun is about to be served. Because barbecue isn’t just about the food. It’s about that moment in your life when you can stop and savor bites, friends, family and stories old and new.

We’ve been happily doing that for years at Proud Souls, and want you to feel that same happiness. Cooking great food nourishes more than just your body, it becomes part of your soul.

We’re also here to tell you a secret: you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the fruits (or meats) of your labor. Even if you’ve never touched a spare rib or built a fire, we can help. Proud Souls Barbecue & Provisions has everything from cookers to spices and all the good eats in between. We’ll set you up for your first ever smoked brisket or help you hone your pulled pork game for your next tailgate.

Our retail store contains the most extensive selection of barbecue supplies and products in Colorado, all under one roof. Some hard-to-find, all hard to beat.

And beyond all the stuff, we know our stuff. With years of experience in our own backyards, professional Kansas City Barbecue Society competitions and catering, we’re here to answer any questions you might have. We even offer classes to help improve your skills, and we'll likely hook you up with some free samples from time to time.

So come visit us in our specialty shop for all things barbecue, right in the heart of Denver, CO. We’re award winners, meat eaters and expert smokers and we’re excited to share that knowledge with you.